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Adventure 4 schools manufactures & distributes outdoor clothing, bag & accessory collections, but in particular school uniforms. The company sees itself as a resource for those who search for products with high performance & a correct price/quality ratio, offering high standard customer support. We believe in a "Taylor made" service based on specific school, student requirements. The concept, design & production of products is what we offer along with a close supervision & approval from the school to finally give this good price/quality ratio. Our team works on the concept of the schools' Dress_code & Athletic_code,giving the school a product that satisfies their needs. Our job is to work on the products, then production & distribution, directly with the students' families, using ecommerce or more traditional methods, leaving the school free of any logistic or economic involvement. The customer service we provide is of high standard with personnel dedicated to support all families, with an advantage to come to our showroom & consult all the products necessary to complete your purchase .
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